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Are you dealing with complex change in your organization? With many people involved? Who have conflicting interests? While you need consensus? Better teamwork by management? A more proactive staff?

YELLOW provides an unusual analysis of possibilities and obstacles, gives you creative ideas for interventions that work, and will coordinate successful implementation.

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“People, no matter their position in an organization, just want to do what they are good at and be appreciated for it. Mail room, board room, any room.”

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The Secret to Your Success?

People want to be of value to others. It gives us deep satisfaction to put our talents to use toward a shared goal. We bloom and perform when we feel connected, seen and valued. The moment we work as a team for a higher purpose and are appreciated for our gifts, any project takes flight. As you have surely experienced in your own career with the projects you loved.

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Call on YELLOW when you face a high pressure, high leverage change – such as a merger, restructuring of your organization or a cultural transition. Or tensions in or between teams. Expertise:

Change Management

Co-creating (behavioral) change

Change in sensitive settings

Navigating uncertainty


Leadership development

Team work

(Executive) coaching


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